Plaza & Kenig Sp. z o. o. has implemented a co-financed project from European Funds entitled „Implementation and dissemination of the innovative Garden Box product”.

Project name: “Implementation and dissemination of the innovative Garden Box product”

Objectives of the project and planned effects: The aim of the project is to disseminate the Garden Box product and enable all recipients to have a beautiful and professional garden. Garden Box will significantly modernize the landscape architecture industry and will revolutionize the way of establishing gardens. The company’s mission is to make professional gardens available to everyone and that everyone can create them without having to rent a landscape architect or a construction crew. The solution will be the Garden Box, which is an innovative product on the world scale, allowing for setting up a garden based on modules. The product will be directed to both individual and business customers. It will be delivered through local gardening stores, large retail chains and the Internet (sales platforms and a company store). The company plans to distribute the product on the Polish market, building a strong brand position and then expanding product distribution to other European countries.

Project value: 695 328,42 PLN Cancel

EFRR share:  548 165,00 PLN